Katahdin Technology


Our Approach & Process

We take a hands-on approach at Katahdin Technology and believe these are vital components to success. 


Building a strong business relationship with your team is essential to constructing and maintaining a robust computer network.  We believe that open lines of communication are key, so we gain a strong understanding of your specific IT business requirements, challenges and concerns and so you understand the various technology services and solutions that are available to your business.

Research & Planning

Developing a solid and well-defined plan is essential, it reduces long term costs and prevents issues down the road.  We complete comprehensive reviews of your existing systems and network during the research and planning phase and present multiple options that clearly spell out the pros and cons to help you select the best possible solution that will meet your immediate requirements and scale, so you can continue to grow your business.    


Successfully updating or deploying a new hardware or software solution requires through attention to detail and may take a couple of days or multiple weeks depending on the scope of work.  Maintaining communication with all relevant parties and updating them as milestones are hit is an important part of our process.  We always test to ensure that we identify and adjust to any issues that arise and we review the details and setting that are often overlooked to ensure that your systems are configured to run efficiently and securely. 

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

The work does not stop after a solution has been successfully implemented.  Katahdin Technology will be there to provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure all aspects of your network continue to run smoothly so you can focus on your continued business growth.



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